Unwrapping Plastics

Project Purpose

Meraki Daat Sabah Initiative launched the Unwrapping Plastics KK project in October 2022 which ended on May 10, 2023. This initiative was to educate five selected schools in Kota Kinabalu, namely SK Tanjung Aru 1 and 2, SK and SMK Gaya, Pulau Gaya, and ALC Kinarut, under the Etania Schools program. The project also involves educating two water villages, namely Kg Lobong, Pulau Gaya, and Kg Tg Aru Baru, on plastic pollution and the environment.

The Unwrapping Plastics KK project is in line with the club's United Nations Sustainability Goals, particularly in ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, and protecting life below water and life on land. Through the program, the Meraki Daat Sabah Initiative aims to instill the values of sustainability and eco-consciousness among the youth and community members. By imparting knowledge and skills on how to recycle and upcycle plastic waste, the project hopes to contribute to mitigating the environmental impact of plastic waste.

This project is sponsored by the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and is part of the Love KK program by the local city council, DBKK. The project partners include Soka Gakkai Malaysia and Happy Plastic, two organizations that share the same goal of promoting sustainable living practices.

The Unwrapping Plastics KK project is more than just an educational program; it is an investment in the future of the youth and the environment. Through this initiative, the Meraki Daat Sabah Initiative and its partners hope to inspire a generation that is aware of their impact on the environment and takes action to create a more sustainable future.