Mega Island Clean-up 

Project Purpose

The aim of this Beach Clean Up program is to kick off segregation at source under the association’s Unwrapping Plastics KK, a US Embassy funded project under DBKK’s Love KK Campaign  by first clearing up the existing pile and taking it back to the mainland where it will be disposed of properly. 

Held on 19 March 2023 from 7am to 12pm at Kg Lobong, Gaya Island with over 200 volunteers.

The villages on the island do not have access to remove the rubbish from the island and the local municipals are not able to bring rubbish back to the mainland. This has resulted in a huge pile of waste that is now overflowing into the entire surroundings and has demotivated the villagers. 

A total of 12 tonnes of rubbish was cleared that day. The Beach Clean Up program will foster a civic minded spirit towards the villagers in keeping the island's coastline clean among the surrounding communities as well as raising awareness of the importance of conserving the environment in the sea and coastal areas. 

The Villagers left no stone unturned

Strategic partners

Children joined in as well

200 Volunteers joined this activity