Bridging Solutions: Meraki Daat Sabah Initiative and GIFT’s Collaborative Visit to Gaya Island

In a recent collaborative effort, the Meraki Daat Sabah Initiative and the Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT) embarked on an insightful journey to Gaya Island, a gem in the heart of Sabah that faces environmental challenges demanding immediate attention and sustainable solutions.

Meraki Daat, with its heart set on environmental preservation and community empowerment, has been at the forefront of transforming water villages into sustainable ecotourism hubs. Their work is a testament to passion and dedication, focusing on education, waste management, and the creation of sustainable income sources. 

GIFT, a pan-Asian think tank, brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative problem-solving skills to the table. Known for their leadership programs that tackle real-world issues, GIFT’s involvement signifies a step towards actionable change for Gaya Island. 

As the two organizations walked through the village, the stark reality of environmental degradation juxtaposed against the natural beauty of Gaya Island became evident. The community’s struggle with waste, exacerbated by inadequate disposal systems and the influx of refuse from other areas, highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to waste management. 

The collaboration between Meraki Daat and GIFT is a beacon of hope, signaling a move towards integrating local wisdom with global expertise. The visit not only served as an eye-opener for GIFT’s participants but also as a catalyst for developing sustainable business models that can support the community’s economy while preserving the environment. 

As we await the innovative solutions that will emerge from this partnership, we remain optimistic that the synergy between Meraki Daat’s local initiatives and GIFT’s global perspective will pave the way for a brighter, cleaner future for Gaya Island and its inhabitants.

Join us in supporting this vital mission, for it is through collective action and shared knowledge that we can tackle the environmental challenges of our time and ensure a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

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Supporting the local boatmen by hopping into their boats as main mode of transportation.

GIFT Project Coordinator - Haziq, Lobong Village Chief - Tn Rajit, Meraki Daat Legal Officer - Dominic, Meraki Daat Charter President - Michelle and GIFT Program Manager Sean.