Get to know us...

Michelle de la Harpe 


Michelle has almost three decades of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry being exposed at a tender young age while surrounded by the astounding biota of breathtaking Borneo. Growing up near the coast, she would be on the beach almost every weekend with her family while on other days she would sit down and admire her late grandfather's competent skills at boat making and listen to his exhilarating stories of the virgin seas.

A dynamic and competent Project Manager and serial entrepreneur, she co founded Whooping Gibbon Travel, an award-winning travel agency in Malaysia (2013) and Nokobu Tech & Resources Sdn Bhd (2021) - an environmentally friendly solutions engineering and systems provider, while serving as an Executive Committee Member in the Commonwealth Association of Leadership Malaysia (ongoing since 2020), Sabah Women Entrepreneurs & Professionals Association (2017-2021) and Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu Pearl (2016).

Alvin Lam Lip Shyan

Vice President 

Graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in Economics, Alvin is currently a successful business owner. He has always had a passion for the sea and scuba dives in his free time. A nature lover, Alvin looks for ways to preserve as much as possible be it beauty or life form, from the biggest creature to the tiniest.

A natural born artist, he seizes every opportunity to create or capture art in its most innate state and aspires to empower the water village folks through this same zeal. An aspiring philanthropist, he looks forward to uplift those in need where possible. 

Diyana Germani

Honorary Secretary

A graduate in business administration from the historical city of Melaka, Diyana worked in the media industry before joining her family in their hospitality and food and beverage business. A lover of all animals both on land and in the sea, she strives to help them with everything she can. Surrounded by water as her element, she hopes to conserve the environment and educate those around her.

Megat Danial 

Honorary Treasurer 

Megat graduated from Monash University with a degree in Business. He has been sailing since he was a child and has a passion for the sea. Megat currently is captain and team manager of Malaysia's National Keelboat Team. He is a business owner involved in the recruitment and food and beverage industry in Malaysia. He believes that the ocean has opened up a lot of opportunities for him and he therefore wishes to give back. 

Marjorie Tann 

Committee Member - Public Relations Director

MJ holds a Masters in Business Administration and currently has a career in building relationship within the travel and tech industry. She is an avid diver and does it for conservation and leisure purposes. She looks to doing small things that can help with the sustainability of the Earth and believes this starts with people. While people can be a contributor to the problem, yet the solution also comes from the people. 

Estelle Lee

Committee Member - Projects Director

Estelle is certified graphic designer who has been serving the government for the past 10 years. A creative soul who finds her zen in her surroundings to achieve the best in both her work and family life, she helps people find their zen the best possible way. A Thalassophile, she will jump into the ocean at the first opportunity she has. Hoping to heal the environment, she strives with what ever time and energy she can contribute with. 

Roxana Jamaludin 

Legal Advisor 

Roxana stepped on the bar at a tender age and knew she wanted to give back to the community when she returned to Kota Kinabalu. She has served on the executive committee for Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu Pearl since 2017 and today is the VP. She loves travelling and cant resist a beautiful white beach and blue ocean. It is with this passion that she hopes to educate the community in preservation of the oceans so that the world could continue to bask in its beauty. 

Fina Hassnar

Socials Director

Graduating from the International Hotel and Tourism Management Institute of Switzerland, Fina is a seasoned hotelier. She has served in various international hotels and currently manages the events team at a five star resort. An avid diver, sun and ocean lover, she finds her soul and peace in the serenity of the the ocean waves. She gives back generously to the society and environment whenever can and hopes to salvage what is left for the future generations.